Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Odds And Ends

Um...is it my imagination or is the world sort of falling apart?

And will buying more Girl Scout cookies fix it? At least, temporarily?


After 10 years of trying, tonight at yoga I managed to stand on my head without using the wall for support. Who says middle age isn't exciting?


Anna's being nice to me again. Something's up. Nothing in life is free.


A friend and I took our kids to ChickFilA for lunch today. Rachel came out of the play area to inform me that someone had peed at the top of the climbing equipment. And guess what? It wasn't Susie!

Whew. I mean, not that that's ever happened to us...


  1. I am so glad that Anna is being kind to you!

    And is that a pic of you doing your headstand or is that Mary Tyler Moore?

  2. Is the world falling apart?


    But at least by being able to stand on your head will provide you with a new view!

    Funny stuff, you.

  3. Congrats on standing on your head!

    One time when we were in McD's a girl peed in the hamster tube thing. It was the little section with nothing underneath of it and it rained down on the floor below. That was when we decided it was time to leave!

  4. I am so impressed that a) you can stand on your head and that b) you find time to go to yoga.

  5. My head hurts and I'm NOT trying to stand on it.
    Relief that the pee wasn't yours...er, Susie's.

  6. Mmmm, pee in the top of the playground, glad I'm not the employee that had to climb to the top to clean that up!

    I'll go with two different responses for Anna, you can pick which one you want...

    1. That's great, sounds like she's growing up.
    2. I hope it's something you can get some fun out of on the blog!

  7. Here's what I wonder: did they just let clean up the a-hem "puddle", or did they just let it dry and no one has to know?

  8. what is going on? are your kids growing up???

    does that yoga posture look just as graceful when you do it? you know, for me it's not really motivating to know that it takes 10 years to learn that...
    *good job though, you have my respect!*


  9. lifestartsnow - it took me 10 years; most people, they get it in 10 months.

    jenn - you have no idea (or maybe you do) how I have had to claw that time for yoga out of our family's schedules, clutch it to me like a life preserver, and never let it go.

  10. Holy headstands, Batman! You GO girl!

  11. Used to love the headstands...
    at one time I could hold for three minutes or more...whew, THAT was along time ago...
    recently started doing Pilates...
    I like the lack of easten mysticism...my little Catholic self couldn't stand all that "life force" stuff... :s

    It will be interesting to see what Anna wants from you...enjoy it while it lasts :)

  12. Wish my world could fall apart right now. I mean the opposite. My three year old just nailed the couch while taking a nap.

    Oh, and hide the money. My teens only act really nice when whatever they're planning involves big bucks.

  13. Don't get used to it. Just kidding.

  14. She''ll let you know what she wants sooner or later. My usual response to any request is "Are your chores done to my satisfaction? If not, the answer is no." Repeat until their chores are done. Three kids with strep today-whopee! I live life in the fast lane.

  15. It IS falling apart, and girl scout cookies WILL make it all better! Buy them from my troop! We're going to gettysburg and have a couple hundred boxes that the council wouldnt let us retrun .. we had to use the profits that we made selling the ones we did to pay for the ones we didnt!

  16. Not only impressed that you can stand on your head but that you stuck with it for 10 years. THAT is an achievement! I'm inspired

  17. a headstand wow.....that is awesome

  18. You can really do that standing on your head thing? That is fantastic, I can't even imagine doing that.

    I stopped buying Girl Scout cookies when I realized I was paying $4 for 8 cookies. Didn't seem worth it, somehow...

    Is the world falling apart? Possibly...but I'm just along for the ride. I can't do anything about it anyway, but I do often feel as though we're hurtling towards disaster. I hope not though.

    Lastly, beware of nice teenagers. They always want something. Usually money. Or a ride to the mall. Or both.

  19. I haven't stood on my head since middle school. These days, I try not to do anything that might addle me further.

    Is that a photo of you? If so, you rock, girlfriend!