Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby, You Can Drive My Car...

...because I am going to sit in the passenger seat and knit.

My friends, let me introduce to you the ultimate in knitting transportation, the 2009 Toyota Sienna. Not only is there this:

...this meaning ample room on the passenger side door for both a work in progress and the Yarn Harlot's all-important instructions on how to turn a heel (I always forget) and kitchener the toe (ditto).

But there is also this:

room for yet another project...the handy purse hanger being perfect for holding my little sock-knitting bag.

And as if that were not already enough, I show to you the piece de resistance:

...the convenient and spacious storage contained within the passenger-side armrest! Never again - half an hour into a 3-hour car trip - will I find myself lacking a needle gauge, spare DPN, or frequently needed tape measure. Oh, joy!

I do not understand why Toyota fails to emphasize these all-important features in their advertising campaigns. They have apparently not yet discovered the influential car-buyers-who-knit demographic. Hey, Toyota! Wake up!

And no, I have not been paid for the product placement of either the Yarn Harlot's book or the KnitPicks yarn. Although, technically, I am not morally opposed to the idea....


  1. For those of us who don't knit, you could have at least given us a hint as to the color. ;)

  2. Awesome! I'm so jealous - I don't think either of our cars has such capacious pockets, and certainly not such a nifty purse hanger. I have the same little project bag!

  3. *sniff* I'm jealous. I wanted a Sienna when we bought the Uplander. I just want a van that has middle windows that roll down so my oldest will stop having a drama laden anxiety problem because he can't get enough AIR on the days running the AC isn't required.

  4. You know what makes the Sienna perfect for me? An AC adaptor, my husband's Verizon AirLink and my laptop.

  5. Oh my gosh - I have that exact same little KnitPickers bag - the clear cylinder with gathered top and little hook!! In fact, our whole knitting groups swarmed into Michaels one week and bought them all! They're so perfect for on the go projects ... because we don't all have a 2009 Toyota Sienna to do the toting for us!

  6. I love the way it hooks on my belt loop so that I can knit and walk at the same time.

  7. Really nice, if you like that kind of thing... heh, heh.

    But, seriously folks, I am just not a van kind of gal---so I think that I will keep my Prius---Honeydew, dont'cha know.

  8. You can knit and walk at the same time?
    You are truly talented!

    It looks like a sweet ride. Is there enough room for all the kids or will you be duct taping one to the roof rack?

  9. If I was so lucky to have a purse hanger, my husband would decide it was the perfect place to hang a small garbage bag.
    And have you named it yet?

  10. Well congratulations. You survived the new car purchase with out any attempted murders or a divorce. Great news!

  11. I will keep this in mind. My husband keeps telling me we're going to need a minivan soon (because I wanted "all these kids"). I am resisting. We have a 6-seater, and if we have a guest (like my niece), I can't go to the market on the same day. I can just barely fit the groceries for the week in the back when the 6th seat is folded down, but we can't do any other errands at the same time that involve buying anything bulky. I don't want a true minivan because I love driving a standard. But I can sort of see his point. We're outgrowing this car already. (Oh, and my 7yo needs to stop growing...he has no leg room.)

  12. I can't believe I've never seen this MENTIONED in a car advertisement. Sure, they show you how to drive over a mountain, load up a soccer team and gear and pull steel couplings, but let's be PRACTICAL. Perhaps this explains the lull in new car sales--the ads fail to explain how USEFUL a new car can be in REGULAR life.

  13. we have a toyota sienna and our passenger side armrest is full of tissues . . . used.

    the space in the passenger side door . . . wrappers.

    we do like our van, though.

  14. no knitter here, but dang, i like the purse hanger!!! A LOT!


  15. I need a purse hanger!

    So much storage...

  16. Oooooh! Love this! But I'm sure you can fit something in the cup holder too.



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