Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Under Construction

Our personal stimulus plan continues unabated, with an expensive computer repair for a virus that slipped through all of Larry's safeguards. The stimulus effect was magnified by our purchasing a $350 laptop to tide us over while the computer was in the shop.

Just doing our part for our country...


Regular readers may recall a backyard construction project started last spring; you know, the one which involved a mud pit large enough to lose the neighbor's twin boys in. "Started" is the key word here. We left off somewhere in the middle, with large pieces of flagstone scattered in and around our property, leaving several dog-walking neighbors more than a little perturbed by the unsightliness and inconvenience of it all. I must say, our lack of stick-to-it-iveness seems to have cemented our position as the neighbors from hell.

Well, I am happy to announce that Larry has decided to finish up the patio. I'm sure his decision has nothing to do with my telling our fellow townhouse-cluster residents to go ahead and call the town's covenant-enforcing division. Nothing at all...

I must admit, however, that I am sort of looking forward to being able to look out the back window and see something that doesn't resemble a Fred Flintstone-esque rock quarry. Something a little more amenable to backyard entertaining, say...


The funniest political commentary of the week (worth waiting through the 30-second commercial for, I swear) (and my apologies to Limbaugh fans):


  1. My yard looks a bit like that--but without the sturdy surface of flagstones for my kids to hop across. Maybe there are stimulus dollars available for such shovel-ready projects like these???

  2. Green Girl - Shovel-ready! Ha! I wish I had thought of that.

    And take it from Sue, everyone - the video is hilarious.

  3. I'm convinced that we are the loudest people on our block. Not very hard to do, since half of the neighbors are retired and we are certainly the only ones around with 4 boys. Speaking of which, your mud pit sounds divine.

    Don't apologize to Rush - that was funny!

  4. what's the clip about? can't access it from germany :-(

    congrats on the yard(-to be?)!


  5. We hired a contractor to put in a patio two summers ago. He ripped out the old walk, measured the new walk and patio, put down sand, then heavey gravel, poured the concrete, reinforced it, tamped it down and smothed it out ...all in less than 12 hours.
    Whew, I was exhausted!
    Good luck on the project.

  6. My neighbors requested nicely that we clean up all the junk in our yard, as they have decided to llist thier house. They have the perfectly manacured 1/2 acre lot. having no children at home gives them plenty of time? Hubby raked ours up this weekend, but there are still gardens to weed, mulch, etc. Not that I plan on doing any of it this year, unless I can get the rototiller started. It is sometimes easier to till up a garden and transplant the strawberries or raspberries, than it is to weed them where they are. :)

  7. Kcinnova, we had four kids in a neighborhood of retired people--I so hear you! Now ours are in their 20's and new young families are starting to move in. It's so cool to see the neighborhood starting to come alive again.

    And as far as any half-done yard projects, hey, been there procrastinated that! (Yeah, we still need to redo the driveway, years later...)

  8. This is the exact reason why I don't ever start any projects. I know I'll never finish them.

  9. Could you please send Larry over to finish my retaining wall? I'm sure the pile blocks in the front yard are driving our neighbors bonkers too.

  10. Apology and Limbaugh in the same sentence--say it ain't so!

  11. So there's hope that one day my kitchen floor can be finished too? Thanks for the laugh.