Sunday, March 01, 2009

All The Good Post Titles Are Taken

To the person who Googled

Does wearing a girdle every day help shrink waist?

Don't you wish! In a perfect world, maybe...


Hard to believe, but Larry and I actually managed to make it to the movies! Hooray! We saw Slumdog Millionaire. Maybe you've heard of it? It was amazing. Bursting with raw energy, it transports the viewer to the slums of Mumbai in the blink of an eye....

Sorry, channeling my inner movie reviewer there...

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Apparently Salman Rushdie is shocked, shocked, that a hit movie had an unrealistic plot. I can't imagine how disgusted he felt after the original Die Hard. Has he even seen Sound of Music....Casablanca....Mary Poppins....?

Maybe he just doesn't get out to the movies much.


Hear ye! Hear ye! Let it now be a matter of public record that my teen daughter Anna (aka What-Have-You-Done-For-Me-Lately) was graciously allowed to attend the movie Shopaholic yesterday with her friend. She apparently doesn't remember, judging from the way she shlumped around today because she didn't have a ride to the mall and her inconsiderate parents expressed an unseeming reluctance to brave near-blizzard conditions to drive her to youth group.

Yeah, the attitude bugs me. How could you tell?


I am laboriously typing this on a laptop, a device I have never used before. Strange things keep happening while I attempt to manipulate the mousepad (or whatever you call that thing) - fonts get larger and smaller, strange boxes appear onscreen, cursors disappear. We bought the laptop on clearance because our one-year-old computer is in the shop, and we are not going to go through the charade of trying to manage without a computer for over 3 days. We barely made it 10 minutes, in fact. Anna had to call a friend to find out movie times.

So, yes, we're continuing our personal economic stimulus plan. Ask not what your country can do for you...


It's here! The Women's Colony has been launched! Three cheers for Mrs. G! Don't miss the orientation - hurry on over there!


  1. I remember when my friend called her dad a senile old man when we were 13 and then later came out and asked him to drive her to the mall.
    Of course he replied, "I can't. I'm seniile."
    That was the end of that.

  2. I'm so proud of you for your movie date! Sounds like a good choice, too. (Maybe SuperDad & I should follow in your footsteps?)

    We're out here with a mere 3 inches of the white stuff, but at least school is closed today! :) And it is still snowing at 7am...

  3. My advice--disable the mouse pad that is built in and buy a mouse you plug in. That way you can keep it off to the side where it won't get bumped while you are typing (a new mouse is only about $10). Trust me, after having half your document erased a few times as you're typing and having to retype the whole thing you will want to throw the whole laptop out the window--this is much more affordable. ;)

  4. Oh yes, we've been doing our part to stimulate the economy too. Whenever I dither--you know, should we REALLY go out to dinner?--my husband says we're simply helping the economy. (Not that, you know, we're dropping thousands of dollars on dinner or anything. Just, we're now calling it economic stimulus.)

  5. My teenager would think the laptop was for him, and try to hijack it. Try is the operative word here.
    He also thinks that because he's doing virtual school, he's entitled to unlimited use of MY computer. I look forward to next school year when he's back in a brick and mortar school building.

  6. "Apparently Salman Rushdie is shocked, shocked, that a hit movie had an unrealistic plot."

    [laughing!] Hilarious.


  7. Glad you got out to see a movie--I think you should just strap some skis on your daughter and she can hike to the mall;) That's what my mom did on snow days...

  8. I am de-lurking. Thanks for another funny post! Little breaks to read your blog make tax season bearable!
    --SusieQ, CPA

  9. That Anna is such a pip! I'm sure you're just misunderstanding her spirited youthfulness.

    Yay for your laptop--now you can hide from your children AND blog at the same time.

  10. anonymous - my dad is a CPA - I know all about tax season!

  11. I can't imagine what Rushdie thought of King Kong, Iron Man or any of the Mission Impossibles.

  12. If I remember correctly, is Anna the second oldest? I tell you, those second kids...mine is fourteen and she might not live to see fifteen. Hell, she might not live to see tomorrow. And then she wouldn't be able to go to the mall Friday night. Ha. What is it with the stupid mall?

    I liked Slumdog Millionaire, but I loved The Reader. I'd highly recommend it. Kate Winslet deserved every award she received, in my opinion. Then again, my opinion and $4 will get you a grande mocha latte caramel frappacino.

  13. I informed my oldest daughter that if she wanted to use my car to drive to school everyday, she better start doing her chores. It has been at least 2 months since she cleaned the main bathroom and she is supposed to clean it every week. I scraped the mineral deposits off the tub sides and scrubbed the bottom of the tub this am. She can do the rest tomorrow, after I buy some CLR or limeaway.

  14. I predict you'll come to love your laptop. I have problems typing on a full-sized keyboard anymore. (Of course, I do miss the number pad sometimes...)

    Glad to hear you liked the movie, too.

  15. An unfavorable review from Salman Rushdie? The irony astounds.

  16. I never thought I'd get used to the touch pad thing, but now whenever I use a computer with a mouse my wrist gets all carpal tunnelly.

    I've got all sorts of retorts waiting for when my daughter's old enough to ask for a ride to the mall or the movies. Haahaaahaa! Bring it on, kiddo. Make my day.