Wednesday, March 25, 2009

As The Food Turns - Not!

Darn it! I had some great pictures of my fridge clean-out today, and I can't manage to get them from the camera to the computer. Which means I'll probably spend all my spare time tomorrow attempting to figure out just what is wrong with the photo-downloading software...


Well - I really have nothing else to talk about today. Oh! Except that the woman who I accused of making me feel pathetic was kind enough to comment on yesterday's post. And it turns out that English is her second language, for heaven's sake. Don't I feel bad for calling her out on what she said? Thanks, TL, for bothering to join the discussion; I was just trying to reassure myself that not everyone was feeling sorry for me.

Sheesh - now I really do look pathetic.


Okay, so I can't get the photos (and it's a real shame, because I was going to show you all the special collections we have in the refrigerator right now); so maybe you all could just enjoy this video that Barb linked to in her post today? It's funny. My favorite line is "So the speed of light isn't fast enough for you?"

Go! Click on it! Have fun! Don't fret about the fact that I will be chained to this computer for the next 5 hours trying to transfer my photos - I'll be fine, really.


  1. Some of us have noticed the lack of leftovers lately... I do believe February 25 was your last fridge post. It was your leftovers that got me hooked on your blog... I am THAT pathetic.

    Hubby cleaned our fridge while I was away for a weekend, now I can't find ANYTHING. But I know I'll survive because you have been through it first and blogged about it to help the rest of us.

  2. I made everyone in the family watch this--it's so true.

    I should make my husband watch it on his phone every Friday when he's flying home and gets cranky because traveling sucks. "But you were flying!"

  3. That was great stuff--"You're in a chair up in the air!!!" How soon we take things for granted, eh?
    Like refrigerators--back in the day there wouldn't be any leftovers, right? We'd just have to eat it all in one sitting. Or feed the leftovers to the pigs in our back yard. By pigs I mean actual livestock, not our neighbors, BTW.

  4. That video is brilliant. Really changes your perspective.

    And I'll have you know, every time I clean out my fridge now, I think of you, and think, "should I take a picture of this?"

    Not sure that's something you REALLY want to be associated with...

  5. Wow, that guy must be a lot older than he looks. Flying, sorry, that's a normal thing nobody is really surprised by it. Now public space travel, that's what I'm waiting for.

    I was going to say something sarcastic about the lack of fridge post the other day but everyone was talking about the unsympathetic funeral home worker.

  6. Oh, that is WONDERFUL! I'm using it, because I've got nothing.

  7. I actually saw this on another site---and I enjoyed it then...
    So funny!

    And I really don't clean my frig. unless something smells when I walk in the front door---then I am WICKED crazy with finding the smell!

  8. OMG that video is hilarious!

    Sadly, I cannot help you with the photo thing - I still think that the photos actually show up online through magic.