Thursday, March 19, 2009

Post Without A Title

Okay, the stress of new-car buying has pushed Larry over the edge. After manning the phones all day, I warned him when he got home, "There will be a few car salesmen calling you tonight."

"You mean," he said (or, rather, intoned), "I will be called by 3 spirits? Like, the salesman of Honda past and the salesman of Toyota future?"

I am so worried about that man.


The fridge post has gone missing. I know, I know....this Saturday, I promise! The expired leftover situation isn't too serious, however; we've had a couple of the neighbor girls over to dinner the last few evenings, which has helped cut down on wasted food. Maybe that's what people mean when they say "More is less."

No, wait - that's "Less is more." Never mind.


A friend had a movie night at her house this evening, and we all watched Fireproof. The acting left quite a bit to be desired, but I still liked it. In my book, any movie with firemen in it is worth watching.

I just wasted 15 minutes searching unsuccessfully for a yummy picture of some hunk-y firemen. You know, Google - "yummy" doesn't mean naked. Couldn't they suffer some pretty serious burns fighting a fire that way?


  1. I haven't seen "Fireproof" yet, but we were given "Facing the Giants" by my brother (because they like it so much). Not overwhelmed with the acting in that one BUT it was real folk from the town and not professional actors. So I guess it was pretty good, when you take that into account.

  2. Wha? 3 Spirits? Firemen?

    No wonder its a post with no name...


  3. My sister's husband is a fireman...would you like a photo of him with all his clothes on? Buy a honda.

  4. "Couldn't they suffer some pretty serious burns fighting a fire that way?"



  5. At least the car salesmen call you back. The yummy firemen never do.

  6. I loved Fireproof, even though, as you said, the acting wasn't great. But it had a great message about marriage and working on loving your spouse!

  7. Well at least he's familiar with the story line...
    I took my friend car shopping a year and a half ago. Cardiac patient walking the lot in Florida heat - not a good idea. So I drove her through the lanes of cars in the lot, pulling off 3 point turns in my Uplander that made the salemen's sphincters pinch up repeatedly. If we didn't see what she wanted, we left the lot without getting slimed or slobbered on by the used car salesmen.

  8. Fireproof and Facing the Giants were both lovely movies...Watch them again and listen to the soundtracks...amazingly uplifting.
    My kids do the "death crawl" with the 4yo on his 8yo sister's back...
    too funny.
    You know there have been so many remakes of A Christmas Carol, I be the car salesman version would be a hit!
    Kids have been watching the VeggieTales Easter Carol... repeatedly...


  9. I loved Fireproof...mmmmm Kirk Cameron.