Saturday, March 28, 2009

As The Food Turns: Special Collections

Ta-da! Fridge pictures! Thank you, RobinH! I had no idea that by taking the little card thingie out of my camera and sticking it in that other thingie on the computer, I could make my pictures magically appear on my screen. I had a bad moment there when I couldn't figure out how to find them again to put them on my blog, but hey! Here they are!

Please note the empty bottle of apple juice standing by itself in the center of the picture. Because what could make more sense than putting a complete empty container back in the fridge? Rinsing it out, maybe? Naaah, let Mom do it.

It sort of bugs me.

And can anyone tell me what the container on the top left has in it? I have no flippin' idea, so any and all suggestions will be considered. Those fingerling potatoes on the bottom left are from St. Patrick's Day - how fitting, considering they are turning sort of green at this point. The middle container on the right is a rare sight - uneaten IKEA meatballs with pasta. I blame Lent. The coleslaw on the bottom right? No excuse.

Anyway, now for something different - we had a number of special collections in the refrigerator this past week that I would like to share with you:

Empty! Half-full! Full! This is an artistic representation of the arc of life, using the strikingly original medium of applesauce. The fullness of youth, with its limitless horizons, give way to the diminishing expectations of middle age and then the empty moldiness of decrepitude. I give it A+ for laziness. I mean, c'mon, how hard is it to check for an already open jar before you open a new one?

This piece is titled "The Futility Of Ketchup." The bottle on the left perfectly captures the angst inherent in all human endeavors. This message is thrown into stark contrast by the bottle on the right, with its intimations of hope and more ketchup.

It is also reminiscent of Carly Simon and "Anticipation." But maybe that's just me.

And, of course, a "Meditation On Salsa." We have long experimented with using salsa to represent our deepest yearnings and aspirations. But only recently has our work presented such a variety of influences, ranging from Mild to Thick 'n Chunky to Organic. Only when faced with the infinite variety of the salsa experience are we able to appreciate our all-too-human limitations.

What can I say? My refrigerator is my muse...


  1. Thanks for reminding me we need to buy Ketchup. All three bottles in the fridge look like the one to the left in your photo.

    My kids wouldn't open that many apple sauces. We buy the #6 10 cans at costco. The kids can finish one of the peaches, fruit cocktail, pears or applesauce in less than 24 hours, some times in a single afternoon.

  2. The ketchup is by far my favorite. We had five bottles in our fridge once. ? I have no idea.

  3. Not that I think you're a monkey but I just have to say this line from Lion King 1 1/2:

    "Look at the monkey, getting all existential!"

    Too funny! Thanks!

  4. Sometimes you have to take the art and philosophy where you find them!

  5. You sound like an art critic. Leftovers as an art exhibit--you thought of it first!

  6. I am guilty of the same applesauce trick, but have not yet encountered the empty juice/milk bottle trick. I'm betting it's because I still do all the pouring around here.

  7. Is the top-left photo shredded chicken? Or maybe cabbage?

  8. Now I'm sad. I don't have ANY condiments in the fridge -- yet! Give it usual status is to have no less than 3 bottles of salad dressing waiting patiently for me to actually eat a salad.

    And then a drawer of unopened salad packages dying a slow and painful death by neglect.

  9. It is very difficult to check the fridge to see if there is already an open container - that would require forethought and not the immediacy of the need being fulfilled.

  10. You have a lot more food that used to be good than I do. Mine is much more boring.

    Still smelly, but boring none the less.

  11. I just posted a picture of the inside of my fridge on Tuesday
    But what you didn't see in that picture was the empty apple juice container that was put back and sat FOR 2 DAYS because I think teenagers really ought to figure it out on their own. They finally took the hint this morning.
    I have some of those same problems...

  12. Thank you so much for that post. We have no less than 3 salsas in our fridge at the moment as well. We also have all sorts of applesauces, both the big jar and the individual packs. lol

  13. And then I just pull my card thingy straight out of the computer when I'm done, and my hubby and daughter found out and they're all, No! No! Your card will stop working! It'll break your camera! You have to blahblahblahyaddayadda!

    Oh. Do tell. Been doing it my way for what, three years now?, and it's still working just fine.

    But you can't DO that!

    I do all the time. Neener. Neener.

  14. Oh JOY, Oh BLISS, My world has returned to normal!

    Thank you for restoring the balance in my life. I was ready to go fetal and thought I would never see your fridge contents again.

    I'll put my vote down for some sort of shreaded chicken dish in that top container.

  15. Hey. You found the photo of the two missing ketchup bottles that go with the one I posted on my blog on Wednesday. I'll see your applesauce and raise you three jars of jam.

    Thank you for answering my pressing question of WHY? I had no idea it was for the sake of art!

  16. I can't tell you how may half full/half empty bottles of ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce and pickles we have in our fridge.
    Actually, I could tell you, I just don't feel like counting that high.

  17. I thought I was the only one to have half full and almost empty containers in my fridge! I am glad to know I am not alone! LOL :)

  18. Ooohhhh--I love the categories of same items in various states of decline! Nice twist, Girl!

    Yeah, the apple sauce thing happens here as well--


  19. I broke my kids from putting empty tea pitchers in the fridge. Told them their would be no more. Took care of it.

  20. This is especially funny to me since I cleaned out the fridge today. And I mean CLEANED, scrubbed, washed, and scraped. Oh, the treasures that were found.

  21. Whoo! Glad it worked- your legions of fridge-fans were feeling deprived. (I like the artistic arrangements this week! :)