Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Someone is in big trouble around here. I found granola bar crumbs all over the floor of my brand-new minivan. Hello? Can't we even go 2 weeks around here without defiling our expensive new purchase? I think whoever committed this crime needs to donate his/her college fund towards the car payment. Larry thinks that's too harsh. I'll bet you he's the one who did it.

Hey, I just thought up a whole new version of Clue. Sort of a mom's version - instead of someone being murdered, there will be a mess to clean up somewhere in the house, and no one will admit responsibility. So, instead of it being Colonel Mustard with a candlestick in the library, say, it would be the teenager in the car with the granola bar...or, the 8-year-old with the Legos in the living room....or, the toddler with the open jelly jar in the refrigerator...

The possibilities are endless - feel free to contribute your own ideas in the comments!


  1. The 12 year old, in the bathroom, with the curling iron.

    The 11 year old, in the back yard, with 100 whiffle balls.

    The old man, with the tax forms, all over the dining room table.

    The old woman, with the romance novels. . .

    oh wait, she hides those pretty well.

  2. This is a BRILLIANT idea and I think you should market it!!!

  3. How 'bout the 9 year old with the wrench in the garage?

    Love it!

  4. you know all those monopoly versions people buy? your idea for clue is GREAT! go have it patented! i'm sure there is a market for it - all the parents and actually, i think kids would like it too!

    my guess is it was the toddler with the crayon in the bedroom with the formerly white walls ;-)


  5. Sounds like a great game! If I ever get a break from cleaning up the kitchen murals my tyrant tot makes with jelly, I would really love to play.

  6. The 10 year-old-with the rolled up sweat socks in the family room?

    The 7-year-old with the discarded panties on the bathroom floor?

    The teenage daughter with the moldy glass of milk in the bedroom?

  7. Bahahahahahaha...

    Or the teenage Daughter in the bathroom with the beauty products.

  8. Oh, I so love this! I get the same ol' answers...who dunit? Not me. I didn't do it. I didn't wear my shirt and throw it in the floor...

    'cause I commit all the crimes by myself or someone breaks into the house while we are gone messes up their rooms, wears their clothes, etc.

    Let me know if anything works.

  9. The dog on the white carpet with muddy footprints?

  10. LOL! love this!

    How about the husband, in the bedroom, with the dirty underwear/socks on the floor.... ALWAYS.

  11. An empty bag of jumbo blueberry bagels and a bloated golden retriever?

  12. Oooh, I can think of several....

    2 yr old, at the coffee table, with the Sharpie marker

    8 yr old, walking in door, with dog crap on bottom of shoe

    2 yr. old in carpeted living room, with Hawaiian Punch

    2 yr. old, on couch, with liquid paper (Oh, never mind that really happened can't be "just" a game..)

  13. When we got our not-a-minivan a year ago the (extremely young) salesman agreed to detail the car I'd been driving the boys around in, which was becoming my husband's "new" car. When we picked it up, the salesman, with a dazed look, said, "No more fish crackers, okay? No more fish crackers."

  14. The 2 year old in the kitchen with the water dispenser.

    The husband in the bedroom with the bath towel

    The 3 month old in the crib with an explosive diaper.

    The dog in the garage with the trash bag.

  15. I was the 6-year-old with the red fruit juice on the bedroom carpet :)

  16. The 9yo (or is the 13yo), in the bathroom, in the middle of the night, with the light off...
    um, WHERE is the toilet anyway? And what is that yellow puddle on the floor?

    [heavy sigh]

    The dirty dishes, on the counter, in the kitchen...
    The clean dishes, in the dishwasher, and NO ONE.

    I think I'm depressed now.

  17. The 2 year old in the fancy new minivan with a sippy cup.

    This actually happened to me... daily.

  18. I'm taking a road trip this weekend with a 11yo and 5yo in my week old car. I think I am going to put plastic all over the back like my grandmother's old livingroom.

  19. Hah! I love it!

    Just the other day, while confirming where my son had to meet for a band concert, my son said "the band director, in the library,..." and I added "with the lead pipe."

    The possibilities are endless.

  20. No kids left at home so could it be: the cat behind the brocade chair with the dookey?

  21. The Jack Russell under the dining room table with the upset stomach
    The teenagers in the clean basement with the after school snacks

  22. In my house it would be:

    The 16 year-old, in her car, with the dirty clothes.

    The 14 year-old, in the bathroom, with the eyeliner.

    The 6 year old, on the kitchen table, with her "craft" project.

  23. What a fantastic idea! Aside from Clue, it made me think of the Family Circus cartoons where there was always the ghost of "not me" You should totally market this idea!

  24. I've started making the kids clean the cars. My 9 and 11 yr old love playing with the shopvac and the car is cleaner when they are done. It may not be as clean as I would like it, but at least I did not have to do it. Caveat-I take anything valuable to me out of the car before they start, as they don't care what the vacuum eats.

  25. The Labrador in the Pantry with the Cake Mix boxes. Oh yeah. she did. twice.

  26. Oh..this is the best game I've seen in a long time!
    How about:
    The 3 year old in my purse with my cellphone and lipstick.
    The 5 year old with the chocolate cake in Grandma's all white living room. Who the @#*% has an all white room? White walls, white carpet, white sofas. She was asking for it!
    The 40 year old hubby with a plate of chicken wings and our new laptop!

  27. The 6-year-old in the den with the red nail polish.

    The 3-year-old in the bathroom with the bottle of powder.

    The toddler in the family room with the pile of magazines.

    (And I loved the Labrador in the pantry! I can just see the slobbery dog lips...)

  28. The toddler with the stomach virus all over the new couch.

  29. Don't you hate the way the "new car" morphs into the "old car" way too quickly?

    Total random side note: I don't remember where we got our bar stools. On line somewhere. They are supposed to be "retro" stools.

  30. The 14 year old who ate the last of my Ben & Jerry's in the dog house.

  31. You hit a nerve here! You better patent this asap or you'll be kicking yourself when someone else makes a fortune off of it.

    The 16 year old boy and his friends in the bonus room with the water bottles. Hello? bonus room does not equal trash heap.

  32. The two year old in the dining room with a bag of flour.

    The seven year old in the play room with the glue stick, the scissors and a marker. (Is that a legal guess?)

    The nine year old in the bedroom with the previously stuffed animal.

    The eleven year old in the car with a box of Kleenex.

    The fourteen year old in the car port with a screwdriver.

    The sixteen year old in the bedroom with the library books.

  33. I will so buy this if you market it!

  34. The 10 year old girl with a box of art supplies.

    The husband with a pile of bills and other mail.

    Anybody with a bowl of popcorn anywhere in the house.

    The 5 year old with an index finger and a nose full of boogies.

    The 8 year old with about thirty pages of homework that he's trying to hide from his mother, lest she finds out he has any homework. (think under the back seat of the van)

    The three year old with a tub of butter.

    The two year old holding the empty can of black pepper on the white carpet.

    The three year old with the toilet paper.

    The 5 year old with the needle nosed pliers on the living room wall.

    The 9 year old with the upset stomach in the hallway. (Who completely forgot that there was a bathroom right next door to her room and was attempting to make it upstairs to the other bathroom)

    The four year old with the green glittery nail polish in his sister's hair.

    The 10 year old girl with the shoes in the kitchen, living room, hallway, laundry room, bathroom.........

  35. or the mom with the knitting needles in the ikea lounger

  36. In my best friend's house it was the 2 and 4 year olds in the hallway with the sunscreen on the brand new carpet the day after the workmen put it down. Note: they are now 28 and 30 and their mom thinks it might be safe to get new carpet now!

  37. The toddler, with the marker, on the couch cushions.

    The preschooler, with the drink, on the new rug.

    The 1st grader, with the Wii remote, and the welt on his little brother's head.

  38. Wow! I'm impressed! You could be a millionaire with this new idea...

    Can I be your partner?

  39. This is hysterical.
    I love it.

  40. I think you've hit a money idea here, sister. Go with it!
    The toddler with the scissors in the master bedroom.
    The 6 year old with the gas tank in the garage.
    The 9 year old with the Sharpie markers in the white tiled bathroom.

  41. HE-LAR-IOUS!

    The 11 year old on the brand new bed and comforter with the hot pink nail polish.

  42. I'd better not get started on this one...

  43. the 3 year old with the markers on the fish tank.

    the hubby with the bills all over the dinning room table.

    the baby with a dirty diaper in the crib

    You really should get this made, and sell it, I know I would buy it, not just for myself, but I could give it to my mom, and my gradma, and my friends that are moms.