Thursday, December 06, 2007

Shovel This, Kids!

Epiphany of the day - when you get too old for the holidays to be magical, it's time to make them magical for someone else. My teens were unimpressed with this news, but I can't wait to make them put this thought into action (more on that another time). And tonight I forced them off their bored butts to shovel all the common-area sidewalks in our townhouse neighborhood. (It had snowed a few inches today, and it was all starting to ice over.) That was fun. I hope it snows a lot here this winter. Community service is good for the teenage soul.

I swear they are sucking all the enjoyment out of my life. Like dementors. I need to fight back. Must...not...lose...strength....

I'm sitting up with David tonight, who is barking like a seal. I explained to him that 10-year-olds don't get croup, but he didn't listen. Stubborn, that kid.

Larry went to bed early this evening, because I was ranting and raving about our two eldest and he didn't know what to do (this was before I threw them out into the snow). I bet he goes to work at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Larry is the kind of person who is not afraid to avoid problems head-on.

It's been a rough day - one of those days when I feel like a hamster on one of those Habitrail wheels, running, running, running, and getting absolutely nowhere. It doesn't help that when I say, "Whew! I'm glad this day is over!", Larry feels the need to comment (faux cheerfully), "Yup - another day closer to death!" I ask you, is that helpful? I don't think so.

But it did snow, which is amazing around here in early December. And we had hot cocoa and played outside and Susie managed not to knock any of her teeth out when she fell headfirst out the door onto the front stoop. So today wasn't all bad. And now it's over and everyone's in bed, thank goodness.

I know - another day closer....


  1. Service really is good for the teenager soul. It makes them feel like an integral part of things; it makes them feel needed, important, and they have a PURPOSE - that is the key to everyone’s happiness - knowledge that we have purpose. Keep it up good mom.

  2. Sometimes I really envy my husbands ability to escape the stress at home by going to work, of course, he envies my ability to avoid professional stress by staying home. My reason for commenting though, was to congratulate you on your epiphany, service is good for the teenage soul!

  3. My husband is the same way. Must be a guy thing. I had to force him to get involved when my teen daughter was getting porky. Hope it isn't croup. That is scary. (

  4. I had a friend once say when a teenager gets pushy then give them something to push. He would send them out to cut 1 acre of grass with a push lawn mower. So smart move with the snow. Did they come back in in a better mood?

  5. OHHHH I love to make my older two shovel. To see the look on my oldest face when I tell him to go out and shovel is PRICELESS I tell you... simply priceless.

    I hope you have a much better day today!

  6. Thanks for stopping by and inviting me in! I did the exact same thing two nights ago when it snowed here! They hated it, but we all slept good, so that counts for something.

    Also, I have just heard from a couple of different sources that if you rub Vicks Vapor rub on the kids feet and then put socks on them, the coughing will stop. I know, this sounds CRAZY, and I haven't had time to test this. . .but if you are desperate . .

    Hee hee, Dementors, I like that, and all too fitting for mine too.

    Hang in there. . .and thanks so much for sharing.

  7. That Larry, he's a charmer. Love that you put those kids to work

  8. Another day closer to death? Yikes! Not helping.

    So cool that you made your kids go serve, and got those endorphins going, too. Teens can never have too many endorphins.

  9. Another day closer to death...?!??! Boy, Larry is the bearer of good news, isn't he?

    Hope your boy is feeling better and that today is a much better day :)


  10. I remember the teen years [she's 26 now] I was never sure if it was hormones or 'trying to be cool' or just not being sure of themselves, but you're right, it certainly does sap the joy out of a lot of things.

    Glad you can push through it.
    This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

  11. Great idea on the snow shoveling! Wish we had some here, I'd sent my oldest munchkins out in a heart beat--and they are only 8 and 7!
    Mine go on vacation tomorrow for ONE. WHOLE. WEEK!
    I couldn't be readier!

  12. I guess I better get used to this whole sending the insufferable out to shovel thing. Because tonight, my oldest daughter dragged me to the MALL (I never go to the mall) so that we could buy some dress shoes for her concert tonight and after I assured her that I would roast in HELL before I let her buy those hooker shoes (clear plastic with sparkly...things), we finally found some acceptable to both of us shoes and they were --hello --$45!! For shoes she'll grow out of in six months! Just, please, kill me now.

  13. I so relate, I'm on that wheel and I can't get off. And HE just avoids the whole thing.