Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sick and Tired

So, I missed posting yesterday. Sue me. Susie developed croup yesterday evening and blew all my finely laid plans to heck. Now I'm sitting here after a lousy night's sleep with a non-functioning brain, wondering how to pick up the pieces. Of my day, that is, not my brain - the brain's a total loss.

Let's see - it might help if I'd get dressed. And there was the Christmas party for our home school group that I am supposed to bring some food to. And I was supposed to bake cranberry bread for my husband's office party (you know, the party that spouses aren't invited to, but we are free to contribute baked goods and other yummy comestibles) (the hell with them).....

I could just blow everything off and lie on the couch all day (my favorite option), but Brian and Rachel are supposed to be in some little skit about St. Francis at the party (the home school party, not the office one). I think. The skit wasn't my idea. One of the other, more ambitious, moms dreamed it up. I'm hating her right now. If it weren't for the stupid skit, I could blow the whole thing off.

I hope I don't catch whatever Susie has. I am not a patient sufferer. I tend to languish - loudly. As in whine and complain. While the house falls apart around my ears. I can't wait until I am older (and, more to the point, the kids are older) and I can be sick for a day without utter chaos taking over my life. I'll be able to sit in an armchair by the fire, sipping hot tea and catching up on my reading (I mean, People comes out every single week, I can't keep up), rather than trying to referee sibling disagreements from the couch in the trashed living room and praying that no one shows up at our front door to witness just how bad our home life can become.

Speaking of which, I'd really better shower and dress. I'm just asking for trouble sitting at the computer in my pajamas at 8 in the morning. Then, I'll go back to bed. If you make your bed first, it doesn't count as being lazy, right?


  1. Ugh, my boys had the dreaded croup last month. It was a houseful of barking seals for awhile.
    Hope you get some sleep tonight!

  2. Where I come from moms are not ALLOWED to get sick. Hope your day gets better.

  3. Hey you can't get sick! Don't you know that moms are not allowed to be sick. Ever.
    Your day sounds a bit like mine. I'm sitting here trying to figure a way out of everything on my "to do" list. Especially that darn dentist appointment. If that stabbing pain in my tooth would go away, I would definately call and cancel.
    Hang in there.

  4. Oh man. I hate croup. Wish I lived closer so I could help w/ laundry or bread baking or something! Hang in there!

  5. The croup is one of the more scary one. Best wishes

    This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

  6. How sad is it that we can only catch up on our "People" reading when at the doctor's office. (I hate my kids' orthodontist. He is so efficient that I hardly get more than one story read.)

  7. Good luck with the croup. It ran through our house like a wildfire last month!

  8. Hope she feels better soon! And I hope the rest of the family stays germ-free! YIKES!

    Speaking of germs, my oldest was home today with pink eye! I've never had it a day in my life and she's had it three times this year. SHEESH

  9. Do Moms get sick? Really? I never knew . . . I've been missing out!!

    Hope you feel better soon. God bless.

  10. Hope you don't get sick. You're not allowed. It's against mom rules. (Get some sleep.)

  11. Sorry you had a bad evening and everything is sort of going wrong, but it made for a fun post about your messed up day! Take care - hope it all worked out. Kellan

  12. Poor Susie, my boys used to get croup just about every winter. Those are some long nights.

    I hope all those activities you have on your plate go smoothtly and you do NOT catch any of the creepin' crud (as my grandmother use to