Saturday, December 01, 2007

She Said, He Said

So, I had to do our monthly commissary shopping trip today (that's the military version of a grocery store) and I sent the boys to do some chores before we left. A few minutes later, forgetting they were still working, I said, "Okay, everyone, shoes on, let's go!" Whereupon Rachel (5) marched to the top of the basement stairs and yelled, in her very best boss-the-boys-around style,

"Brian! David! Get your shoes on! We're going!"

And Brian (7) bellowed back, "Rachel! I'm doin' the laundry!" in an exasperated, male, give-me-a-break voice.

Gee, I wonder where they picked up those methods of communication?

It was funnier if you could hear it. Larry and I laughed until our stomachs hurt.

In other news, I spent 560 dollars on food today. Did you?

And, we have more gray stripes on our living room wall. We needed to argue for a couple of hours over whether Larry had inadvertently switched the sample-paint-can lids, an argument which necessitated painting Misty and Gray Screen (or what we think were Misty and Gray Screen) directly next to what we know were Misty and Gray Screen (are you following me here?) to see if they matched. This is not a healthy exercise for any marriage.

We have yet to decide which color to paint the kitchen; it's hard to pick the right color without the tile floor in place yet (not that there is anything wrong with not having a floor in one's kitchen) (ahem). Let it be known here that I was perfectly happy with the kitchen we had originally; it was painted a cheerful apple green, with an ugly yet serviceable linoleum floor. But Larry suffered the childhood trauma of growing up with a kitchen decorated in a 1970's-style avocado color, which rendered him allergic to any shades of green in a food preparation area. We all have our issues, I guess. His are just weirder than most.

In short, it's hard for me to imagine that there are people who enjoy the process of painting and renovating their homes. To me, it's more agonizing than...than...well, than knitting. And way more expensive.

My time is running out here - at midnight my blog turns into a pumpkin and NaBloPoMo is over. Thanks for listening to me every day for an entire month - I think it's taken some of the pressure off my husband to actually pay attention to what I'm saying. So he thanks you, too.


  1. I wondered if you were military or government, having been here before you were there. Now I know. :-)

  2. First of all, congrats on finishing Nano!!! How many words did you do? Kudos! I couldn't even commit to NanoBlog!

    Second: $560 for groceries? Please tell me that's for a month?

    Third: Yes, the match does work! At least I think it does! : )

  3. I know about the Dad was in the army and I spent many a summer on base...we might have been the original inhabitants of that avocado green kitchen. It was a pretty hot color back in the day.

    We hate many of the same things. I would rather live with avocado green than paint it another color. I hate decorating and home renovation. I don't watch those decorating or renovation shows because, to me, these chores are akin to cleaning house and why would I want to watch that: I do it almost every day in real time.

    Man, I thought I spent a wad at the grocery store. Do your kids race to see how fast they can eat it like mine do?

    Thanks for all the great posts.

  4. Congrats on finishing your NaBloPoMo... it has been a great month reading your posts daily.

    I am totally with you on the painting/redecorating thing. I do not like to paint, redecorate, remodel, refinsh... uh yea, just about all of that crap! BUT I am just beginning the Great Kitchen Overhaul myself and this truly might push me right over the edge. I wish you nothing but luck!!!

  5. amy - we're both, actually.

    manic mom - NaBlo, not Nano (hmm, that sounded weird...). I have no idea how people manage to write an entire novel. Off to find some matches...

    mrs g. - what I can't understand is how I can have a kitchen full of food and still need to visit the commissary for over 500 dollars' worth of food.

    onthegomom - better you than me, sweetheart.

  6. OK, OK, OK.... Did you say something about a 7-year-old doing laundry? You mean I coulda been doing that all this time?!

    Happy end o' noblabla - you did a great job!

  7. Your kids do the laundry? I'm lucky if I can get them to put it in the hamper. :)

  8. congrats on successfully completely a month's worth of posts! Now with any luck, we'll win some of the MANY available prizes (did you register with the NaBloPoMo site?)