Sunday, December 23, 2007


I've officially given up. Nothing else is going to get done before Christmas. Nothing. Tomorrow we have to make our gingerbread houses (nothing difficult, we "glue" graham crackers to little orange juice cartons and then cover them with candy), so that will take up most of the day. Tomorrow night I will stay up late and rearrange the den. That's it. I had planned a lot more, but when you have to keep lying down and taking naps, things just don't go as planned.

Next year, though....that's different.

Someday I may be over this bronchitis. Someday I may be able get through the night without being jerked out of a sound sleep by a silly coughing fit. Someday I may be able to do three things in a row without lying down in between. But not now.

We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas tonight. I am happy to report that Charlie Brown remains a neurotic loser, Lucy is still a bossy know-it-all, and Snoopy's antics can yet make little kids laugh. It's nice to know that in this unpredictable world of terrorist attacks and melting icebergs, some things can be counted on to remain the same.

Larry's sealing our kitchen-floor grout as I type. And drinking beer. As long as he doesn't spill it on the grout, I don't care. It's not very exciting to watch, though, so I think I'll go to bed.


  1. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow. Coughing SUCKS. Merry Christmas, I'm so glad to have gotten to know you, my bloggy friend. XOXO

  2. Yeah and every time the kid in A Christmas Story sticks his tongue on the flagpole, even though my kids are yelling at him not to. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, and just rest!

  3. I'm sorry you are still fighting that damn bronchitis. And amazed that you've managed to do as much as you have despite it!

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday - and that the New Year will see ya all healthy!

    Heidi :)

  4. Hope you get feeling better.
    I'm SO happy for you to get your grout sealed! I've decided that I will wait until all of my grout is stained the same shade of purple, then I will seal it.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. I don't know what's up with the whole respiratory-issue this year. I thought I was over my own bout until last weekend, when I had a recurrence.

    [I see your "Lauren Bacall" and raise you "Marlene Dietrich"! Unfortunately I do not have the option of not-talking; I'm the receptionist for a law firm.]

    Thankfully my one kid still at home is quite capable of taking care of herself, and of me if necessary. I *think* [knocking head as a substitute for wood] I am just about done with it; I haven't coughed up a lung in a day or so.

    Here's hoping that you got a full night's sleep last night, and that all of today's inevitable surprises are happy ones!

  6. My teen has a wholloping case of bronchitis. She coughed all night and, of course, her room is right next to mine. I just went in and forced her to take a dose of narcotic cough syrup. Just between you and me, I almost took a swig or eight. I'm feeling a bit frazzled and sleep deprived. Instead, I'm off to make Chex Mix.

  7. lynn - Marlene Dietrich...that's good. I think I'm heading that way myself.

    mrs. g - Yes, I was fondly reminiscing about the 30-proof cough syrup the military prescribed for me once. Probably a shot of Jack Daniels would do just as well, right?

    jill - purple...nice....although once it is all purple, you won't have to seal it.

  8. Hope you feel better soon! TRY to have a Merry Christmas!

  9. linked you from Sue. WHY are we all "under construction" during the holidays? Good luck with that and Merry Christmas.

  10. Merry Christmas, SC. I hope you feel better in the new year, if not sooner.

  11. Merry Christmas! Hope you and your family have a great day.

    And get better, k?

  12. Merry Christmas!!

  13. FYI the Middle Child came down with Strep throat Friday afternoon. Sick at Christmas is NO FUN. Hope y'all are doing better.

  14. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    I hope you are feeling better, your grout was completed, the gingerbread houses were built and you survived!