Saturday, December 29, 2007

Paint Fume Musings

Larry's painting! Boy, do I owe him big. And don't think he doesn't know it.

Did I announce that we caught Mickey? No? We did. No more poop in the silverware drawer, which makes me very happy. That, and I still have chocolate left. Not Raisinets, though - I've lost my taste for any candy resembling little turds.

I sat at the ice rink and knitted while Anna skated with some friends this evening. I just want that fact on record, for when Anna accuses me of never letting her do anything fun. The rink itself was dark with strobe lights going and loud, discordant music playing. I sat out in the lobby and observed all the girls dressed like sluts flirting with all the boys dressed like bums. I came home feeling about 80 years old. Was I ever that young?

Monthly trip to the commissary today. I managed to keep it under 500 dollars. I'm going to spend the rest of my money at Barnes and Noble tomorrow, while Theo's employee discount is still valid. 30 percent - I'm the envy of all my homeschooling friends. When I told them about the discount, they oohed and aahed as if I were flashing a brand new diamond ring. You've got to love friends like that. Well, I do, anyway.

Larry's still painting. He likes spending his vacation days this way. I mean, if he can't spend them tearing up flooring or insulating the attic. Or re-installing the front railings. Or any of the other tasks he's had to undertake as a result of thinking, last spring, "Wouldn't it be a good idea to move into another fixer-upper?"

Maybe he should have listened to me when I said, "No, it wouldn't." But at least he can't blame me for getting him into this situation. My conscience is clear.

I'm about to pass out from paint fumes. Gotta go.


  1. So glad to hear you got rid of your little uninvited mouse-guest.
    I too had chocolate left, but after stepping on the scales yesterday, I sat it on the kitchen counter and let the kids eat all they wanted.

  2. Wow, 30%? I'm jealous too. That is sigh worthy.

    Since when did the ice rink turn into a roller skating rink? Oh dear.

  3. I've been away from a computer for a few days so I had some catching up to do. As always I laughed a lot reading through your posts. I loved the historical figure blog entries. Please, I beg of you, do more of them.

  4. jill - I have been sharing, a little.

    mrs. smith - I hope you're enjoying your time back home!

  5. A 30% discount at Barnes & Noble? That's soon as one of my boys is old enough to work, that's where they're going!

    My parents were in the military and I remember very well those trips to the commissary (I hated them because they took up half the day). But I did like to go to the PX!

    I'm taking the boys to the movies this afternooon, and although it's a tradition to always get chocolate covered raisins, this time I won't because I can't get your image out of my mind! I'll go with the gummy bears instead.

  6. P.S. Did I say my parents were in the military? I meant my Dad! My Mom is Italian!

  7. Yeah for Larry painting!

    I'm sure Anna will appreciate you taking her to the a few years!

    Heidi :)

  8. A Barnes and Noble discount? 30 percent? OOOOOOOOOH AAAAAAHHHHH. Being a HS mom, I am extra jealous. I'm heading there today and, damn it all, I have to pay full price.

  9. Painting is going on here, too. As is furniture building and more LOL.

    I am in awe of that discount at one of my favorite places in the universe (and YES, treasure friends like that!!).

    Using My Words

  10. I think the Precious Daughters need to re-think their respective jobs. I'm just say'in.

  11. Can you send Larry over to paint our house? I never seem to get to it. My living room was white for the first 5 years I lived here. I'd pay in chocolate, of course.

  12. Now I just love Raisenettes and now I won't be able to eat them for a while thankyouverymuch - HA! I'm glad you got rid of the mouse - not a mouse fan myself - nope!!!!! Have a good Sunday. Kellan

  13. Ahhh....30% discount at B&N? I'm crazy jealous. I haven't even signed up for their little program because I didn't want to risk getting junk mail.

    You are one fortunate gal to have a hubby willing to do those sorts of projects! I practically have to beg my hubby to give me one measly day of help with projects around here before vacation is over. Sheesh, you'd think I asked him to clean the garage! Oh, wait...I did, lol.