Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Are We Done Yet?

Yesterday we had our annual gingerbread house party, otherwise known as the "Sugar Extravaganza." By mid-afternoon, I could no longer see straight and was thinking of calling some EMT's to bring me a dose of insulin. The kids, of course, were fine. They had a blast creating all sorts of graham cracker structures and plastering them with Skittles and gumdrops and marshmallows the headache is coming back. Oy.

I was preparing to take snapshots of the finished houses when I realized I needed to take a closer look. You see, I could tell that David had added a little "garage" onto his edifice, but what was that mess in the driveway? A dramatic scene unveiled itself: a graham cracker car with a green gummy bear caught halfway underneath it and (get this) a yellow gummy bear (apparently the driver) standing next to the victim, looking as puzzled as a gelatinous piece of candy can look.

It's always the quiet kids you have to watch, you know?

I've been married to Larry for 17 years now. And I have been Christmas shopping all month. So it is a tad surprising that I found myself at a quarter to closing time in an upscale supermarket on Christmas Eve, searching frantically for a couple of Christmas presents for my husband. He is now the proud owner of a Christmas mug (4 for 3 dollars!) and a rechargeable flashlight that you have to crank. Lord knows what I would get for someone I didn't know.

A pack of batteries, maybe; those are useful.

At least Larry doesn't feel any pressure, gift-giving-wise. It would be hard for him not to top a 75-cent mug. And I did almost buy him one of those digital keychains that shows off pictures of your kids; but I didn't think he wanted the stress of figuring out how to make it work, as it involved USB cables.

Am I the only one who is glad that Christmas is almost over? We had 2 families over today for dinner, and we're exhausted. Theo has the bronchitis/cold/whatever now, so I was down one major helper in the kitchen. I still feel like hell. I hope we didn't infect all our guests. Merry Christmas! Have some Kleenex! Ricola cough drops, anyone?

Santa left little stuffed puppies for Rachel and Susie, and some rubber-band-propelled airplanes for David and Brian. Also some oranges and candy canes. And glitter glue pens. Santa is a real cheapskate around our house. But price doesn't matter, because these items were from the North Pole and were therefore very special. Now if I could just convince Larry that his mug came from the North Pole also, I'd have it made.

The children's Aunt Mary sent a Christmas card that sings "Deck the Halls" whenever you open it. Which is quite frequently, if there are little kids in the house. As in, I'm beginning to hate that song.

We meant to watch It's a Wonderful Life today, but we ran out of time. So that (and nothing else) is on the agenda for tomorrow. I can't wait.


  1. That scene in the driveway is just priceless. That's exactly the sort of thing my husband would do.

    My kids were given a noisy dinosaur with a mouth that opens and closes and roars. My younger son had it attack the stuffed mouse he got for Christmas. He also got a bunch of small dinosaurs and a playmat. I may have set up a nice little scene with the little dinosaurs and then had the big one eat them all...

  2. Enjoy a Wonderful Life today!

  3. I am ROFL over the driveway massacre. He clearly has a forte for art!

    Hope Larry loved his mug. My husband loves his underwear and socks he got (ummm, no joke there).

    Our family was minus the bronchitis, but were equally as exhausted!!!

    The stuffed puppies sounded cute for the girls. Let's hope Rachel is out of the decapitating stage forever...LOL Might want to hide the scissors, just in case!

    Have a great day and enjoy It's a Wonderful Life!!!!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE Christmas, but I am really glad it only comes once a year. I was dead by 7 o'clock last night, but my kids were all jacked up on sugar and were still going strong (for another 2 horus!!). There were lots of things I "meant" to do that we just never got around to. I think I will just save them for next year.

  5. Yes, you need to watch the quiet ones, they are the ones that will hang Barbie dolls and leave a suicide note. Here's to getting lots of rest.

  6. Husbands are so hard to shop for. Anything they want, they just buy, they don't wait for Christmas. If my husband really wants a wrench, he just buys it. Unless it's super duper duper duper expensive and unrealistic. So I feel your pain.

    We didn't exchange gifts this year, we're broke and it was just easier than trying to find non-crappy gifts under $20. We've promised each other a weekend at a spa as soon as we get back on our feet.

    I need a picture of the driveway massacre, tee hee

  7. Batteries sound like a good gift idea. One year I actually considered giving people blank video tapes.
    As for the musical card, I've found the more annoying the sound, the more the kids enjoy it.
    We gave my twin 4 yo nephews these cars that make engine sounds when you shake them. They kept making sound when we were wrapping them, and yesterday when we took them to their house, every time we would go over a bump in the car, they would make noise. I apologized to my SIL for the annoying presents. She turned them over, and flipped the switch to turn them off.
    Who woulda thought?

  8. LOL! I have a son who would love to create the gummy death scene too! Was there any red licorice/frosting/sprinkle "blood"?