Friday, December 28, 2007

Easy Does It

There's a movement afoot to have people trying to blog every single day in 2008. I'm begging those of you I have on a reader - don't do it. I almost went nuts trying to keep up with everyone's postings in November. The pace was killing me. Just say no to Blog 365. Thank you.

We've all been in the position of our children not taking care of their little critters as they had promised. Check out this article on guinea pig cuisine for ideas on what to do when your kids get tired of their caged animals. The article uses the phrase "alternative food." Is that a euphemism, or what? Doesn't sound quite as harsh as "Hey, kids, we're eating your pets!"

Can you tell that nothing exciting happened in our household today? Essentially, I goofed off all day (though I did get a little knitting done). No one misbehaved. No one did anything cute (though we did have quite a ticklefest with Susie, whose giggling and screeching were exceedingly delightful). Larry and I went out to Chipotle's and split a burrito for dinner. We're big spenders, let me tell you. Then we went to the bookstore so that I could use the gift card he gave me.

That was my whole day. And I liked it. No preparing for guests, no shopping for presents. Whew. Christmas took its toll this year. I guess I am still in recovery mode. That should only take until, say, next September. And I am busy trying to eat all the chocolate Larry gave me. I need to polish it off before I head back to Weight Watcher's on the 6th. It may be fun this time, though, as there is some sort of weight loss ticker I can post on the blog. Nothing like showing the world how little self-control I possess.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to that chocolate.


  1. YES! I feel the same way about blogging every day. I also feel like it's asking a lot of people to try and keep up. I felt kind of self-indulgent doing it for a month.

    I got lots of chocolate, too. I'm simple. Chocolate and yarn (just not in the same bag).

  2. My dad and step-mom have been to Peru (2001, right after 9/11) and I knew about the Guinea Pig cuisine. They actually tried it and I was frightened by the story!

    I, too, am trying to eat all the really bad food in our house before the New Year. Cookies, chocolate, candies, mints... it's like I can't eat it fast enough!

  3. I love chocolate and got so much of it for Christmas. I'm trying very hard not to eat too much of it! I have to get back in the swing of things, eating right and exercising. I DID exercise today and feel pretty good about that.

  4. Yes, I am currently eating every potato chip in the house in preparation for WW Monday.

    Glad you got a day of rest.

    No worries here. I will NOT be blogging 365.

  5. Good. Gawd. NO... NO 365 Blogging, what kind of lonely hyperactive person thought that up?

    Christmas nearly killed me. I wore my running pants and slippers all day and lay around draped over various pieces of furniture reading. That is the life.

  6. I hadn't heard about the blogging everyday thing. Ugh. Not only do we have to try and keep up with that, but the posts tend to me a litle monotonous when people are struggling for something amusing to write everyday.
    I gave up on all the chocolate and candies already. I figured if I could lose a few pounds between Christmas and New Years, that would be a few pounds less I would fail at losing for my resolution for next year.

  7. Chocolate...the fifth food group! I got more chocolate this year than ever, probably due to the fact that anytime anyone asked me what I wanted I said chocolate. I have about a two year supply right now!

    I also walk around my house looking at all the good things to eat just laying around, not even hiding! I have pretty good self control, but when there is so much, it is hard to comprehend. I usually have one piece a day and can skip it if I don't feel like it. Plus, I make myself fussy about what I eat...give me the dark chocolate only, I can really pass on most other...why lower myself to the white chocolate level. My thing is, I have to know it is there so I can eat it if I want, then I don't crave it so much. But leave me with no chocolate in the house and I might have to drive to the store just to stock up.

    When my kids were little, I used to hide it all over the house! No sense wasting it on them! I'd throw a dark chocolate bar up over the top of the bookshelves, or bury it in a canister, or even under the bed. Just knowing it was there was a comfort. If I had to have it, I could! When we emptied the first floor so we could refinish the floors (I know, what was I thinking!), I think we found three old candy bars I had forgotten I hid, some had slid down behind the books on the bookshelves. My kids got quite a chuckle out of this.

  8. 365? JUST SAY NO! And thank gawd above Christmas is but once a year, I'm pooped.

  9. "No one did anything cute" - was so cute. Have a great day. Kellan

  10. I love these quiet post Christmas days in which NOTHING happens! No cooking (we're still working on leftovers), no boredom (the boys are still busy with their new toys), no housework (how can we clean with the floor covered with toys?), and no plans (we're partied out!). It really is a luxury to have the time to thoroughly enjoy finishing all those sweets! God bless!

  11. Oh, I am SO with you about blogging for a whole year. People! My children would be totally neglected and it would be all in the name of blogging WITH obligation. I think not.

  12. Seriously, anyone who does that - automatically off my bloglines and blogroll. No FREAKING way.

  13. I've been wanting to raise bunnies for their meat. Glad I'm not the only crazy mom who will eat their kids' pets:)
    nice blog

  14. I've not been able to resist the chocolate around here either, but was proud of myself for managing to foist off the fiesta fudge and butter cookies and tin of Pecan Chocolate Chip cookies someone had brought over onto some of our guests as they were leaving Christmas night, lol. The cookies were meh, the fudge I could have resisted (it doesn't look as appetizing with neon mini-marshmallows inside) but the butter cookies are another story. There needs to be a warning on those and English Shortbread that rather like popcorn, it will begin showing up immediately as new cellulite on your hips. Oy. I need to check out Jenny Craig. If Kirstie can do it, then doggone it, I should be able to as well!

  15. I briefly pondered joining the movement to blog every day. But then I regained my sanity.



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