Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Wonderful Life, Indeed

Larry didn't paint the living room today. He spent the morning catching up on his charity disbursals for the year. He started having trouble with his credit card after a bit, so he had to call the company. Seems they had put a stop on it because of suspicious activity - i.e., someone using it for several online "purchases" within the space of a couple of hours. They deemed the activity suspicious, even though the money was going to places like the Red Cross and Children's Hospital. "Okay," Larry asked, "who the heck do you think is using it - Robin Hood?"

I thought that was sort of funny.

Then we spent the afternoon watching It's A Wonderful Life. Larry noted that Donna Reed (in the movie) managed to have 4 little children, wallpaper her fixer-upper of a house, and still find time to run the local USO. I told him that if he could only stammer in that cute way that Jimmy Stewart had, I would be inspired to run a household as efficiently as Donna Reed did. In a skirt, too. So he's working on it.

Maybe he wants me to paint the living room? Do you think that was a hint?

Time to sign off - I promised to watch my friend's children tomorrow morning (because that's what friends do), which means that I need to roll out of bed earlier than 8 o'clock, for once. I don't really understand what's happened to me, but I did use to be a morning person. I blame the children for my newly formed slug-a-bed habit. Because they'll probably blame me for anything amiss in their lives when they're older. I might as well beat them to it.


  1. If ALL I had to do was raise 4 kids, wallpaper a room and run the USO I'd be happy. Back when I was homeschooling, building a new house, running a kennel and a small business AND raising 4 kids that was a piece of cake.

    I'm glad you had time to relax and watch a classic. Jimmy Stewart is a fave of mine, but mostly because he grew up near here.

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Donna Reed wasn't sitting on the floor to play with her children in between wallpapering. Isn't that back when kids raised themselves? We persist in having a Santa who brings the kids board games that require one of us to play with them, instead of video games that supply a playmate, so we're not even taking advantage of the technology-assisted way of letting kids raise themselves. When all is said and done, I'd stack myself against Donna Reed any day.

  3. Oh dear Lord, I hope you are not planning on painting that living room. Tell Larry I fear it will push you over the edge.

  4. mrs. g. - I must confess, it would be a tactical move: I would start, he would be forced to finish. Don't tell me we are the only couple to play these stupid games.

  5. I wish I was as efficient as Donna Reed. Don't forget they had a much simpler life then. Simpler because she didn't have to take her kids to all their activities or have as much Christmas shopping to do!

  6. Oh this is too fun! I can't wait to catch up on your blog...Now your blog is competing with the 5-6 People magazines my friend just donated to this poor People-magazine deprived soul. I think I'll be reading this first!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my site AND leaving a comment. Don't ya just love feedback??

    I'm adding your blog to my blogroll. I look forward to reading about the adventures of your life.

  8. Did ya tell your husband Donna Reed did that because that is what the script told her to do?

  9. darla - Hey! I beat out People? Wow!

    jennine - Welcome to my world!



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