Monday, December 10, 2007

Everyone Else Has One (Tag Cloud, That Is)

I'm trying to figure out that neat Technorati tag cloud thing that all the other kids are getting on their blogs, but it isn't working...yet. Ignore any weirdness in the left-hand column until I figure it out. Except the weirdness, of course. That's permanent.

I'm sure all 10 of my faithful readers remember my crowing with triumph over ordering my Christmas photo cards way back in November. As soon as the cards arrived, I efficiently addressed the envelopes and then put them aside (readers, please note - don't try this at home) until I could get around to buying Christmas-y stamps. I'll be lucky if those darn cards ever turn up again. But the stamps I got are nice. I guess I could just use them next year, if the postal rates don't rise again.

Larry and I attempted to sneak away for a date this evening, but Susie woke up and screamed until we agreed to come back. I hate cellphones.

And is any evening complete without a child coming up to me (after bedtime) and saying his stomach hurts? It was Brian's turn tonight, so I gave him a dishpan and sent him back to bed. At least he's in the bottom bunk this week.

They just do this to me to keep me on edge, I know it.

How do you know when blogging is taking over your life? That's easy - it's when you start calling the kids by their blog pseudonyms instead of their true names. Not that I've ever done that....


  1. LOL -- *that's* why you took the blogging addiction test, right?

    Hope you can get that date in soon. And that the cards turn up...


  2. Here's from one of your ten regular readers! Take that date! I've yet to hear of a child dying from screaming. :-) (Though they may have tried it in my house.) Now that I am older and have gone back to work, people are amazed at what I can tune out and continue to work through. That's because they didn't stay home for 20 years with their children. Nothing phases me. Think of it as the a rite of passage. Imagine how much simpler your life will be in 10 or 20 years. Or Not.

  3. deb - it does amaze me how little it takes to stress some people out, people who haven't had daily stress inoculations from small children. And from what you tell me, the immunity stays with you, even when they're grown. Good thing.

  4. Glad I'm not the only one to lose the Christmas cards!

  5. At least he's in the bottom bunk this week. Do you have to alternate them to keep the peace? We had to do that for three years, and I guess when we move back to the US we will have to do it again. The funny thing is that they both wanted the bottom bunk and hated the top. I thought it would be the opposite.

    P.S. Nice Tag Cloud!

  6. You'll find them!

    Blogging took over my life and I am trying to get up the nerve to stop. It's too addictive.

  7. Oh, you're so good about figuring widgets and wodgets... I gave up. The heck with it all. That and Christmas cards!

  8. This past week I have lost my cell phone. The battery died so I can't call it. But I have had a very peaceful week running errands. In fact, I find errands that need running so I can leave and have peace. Miraculously, everything is still okay when I get home, even though they haven't called me 100 times to settle arguments, calm down a screaming 2-yr-old, answer silly questions, etc.

  9. LOL - it's good to hear someone else has lost their christmas cards before they sent them! They'll turn up in February in time for Valentines day - at least that's what mine did! Oh and if you ever find out how to do that cloud thingy, do a post on it so I can learn too!

  10. Around here it isnt usually an upset stomach. It is - is there something in my ear? My ear hurts. My ankle hurts, my foot hurts, my leg hurts. My response is always the same. Go to bed, it will feel better in the morning. If it doesn't well at least you wont be walking around on it so it makes it stop hurting.

    My 12 yr old will be up come midnight and later and will come to me to ask if he can eat. Nope, food cut off time was 8:30PM. If you had went to bed when you were supposed to you woul be asleep and not hungry. Sorry. (I am such a mean mom, I swear)

    I hope you find your cards. I have cards to send out, just no energy to write in them. I also ahve some stamps, but they dont have a price on them, so I don't know if they are the correct amount, or if I need to get some of those .01 stamps. At this point I will be lucky to get the Christmas cards out in time for Easter. And I really dont care, except i want to get the baby's birth announcement out of here, LOL.

  11. I found my Christmas Cards from 2 years ago... this year. It was like winning the jackpot!

  12. You lost your cards? Oh, no! And, you are calling your kids by their blog names? You are a bit frazzled - I can so relate. Take care. Kellan

  13. Good luck with the next date. My advice: don't answer the phone!

  14. Tell em to text you when you're on your date, then if the text involves blood or something you can answer and if not, you can blow it off.
    I'm still trying to find the picture that I'm supposed to put on the card (don't tell my husband I lost it). If you don't find them in time, think Christmas in July..



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