Thursday, June 20, 2013

50. It's Here.

Maybe Larry will buy me this outfit?
My birthday is tomorrow (gosh, have I mentioned that enough yet?), so I'll be taking the day off while Larry holds down the fort around here.  I've already had my birthday luncheon with some close friends, so tomorrow I can gad about and act generally irresponsible: you know, shop for clothes that fit, lie around and read, take a nice long walk somewhere different, and maybe even decide to buy all those books that have been languishing on my Amazon wish list.

Wild and crazy!  I know.

When I turned 40 (a decade ago, for heaven's sake, I just can't believe it), I had planned to celebrate my 50th birthday (which seemed aeons away, of course) by going on a week-long NON-CAMPING bicycle trip  in some scenic area of the country with girlfriends who would also be turning 50 or older.  Somehow, that hasn't happened (having another baby at age 42 may have had something to do with it); so now I find myself reassigning that scheme to my 55th birthday.  I'll have 2 teen girls in the house by then, so the good Lord knows I'm really going to need an escape plan at that point, anyway.

On a completely unrelated note, I have never seen any episodes of "The Sopranos," even though it was filmed in my own hometown.  Opinions on that show?  Is it worth my sitting down and watching it now?

[Birthday poster image: Party-Photos-Favors]


  1. Your 55th birthday plan sounds amazing.

    Yes! Watch The Sopranos. It was that good. It is quite graphic, so if you don't like that you may not like it as much,

    Happy Birthday my sister in 50-hood!

  2. Have a wonderful birthday. (Never saw an episode of the Sopranos either, but I plan to sometime.)

  3. I think you're a time zone ahead of me which means it's already your birthday. SO happy birthday!!! A trip taken with friends is much better than one taken with a spouse. Unless your friends are nutty drama queens.

    At the very least I hope you demand to be spoiled by everyone at your house!

  4. Welcome to the second half! Good luck with that 55 thing. My much peppier older sister (65, the show-off) goes on long bicycle trips and likes them; but I didn't get that gene. Happy birthday, old girl!

  5. Have a fantastic 50th Birthday!

    I just turned 51 and am still waiting for my special 50th Birthday trip I had planned - at this rate I will be lucky to be able afford to go anywhere before I'm 60.

  6. Happy early birthday!

    I've never seen one minute of the Sopranos either.

  7. Happy Birthday! The Sopranos is one of my all-time favorite shows and definitely worth watching. If you haven't seen The Wire or Deadwood, those are also incredible.

  8. Happy birthday! I'm learning from my friends who beat me to the big 5-0 and am watching carefully to see how best to celebrate. I honestly can't decide... but your plans for today AND your plans for 55 are both good ones.
    I've never watched The Sopranos and probably never will. I like to sleep without nightmares.

  9. Happy Birthday. I'll tell you what I told Jen, 50 was my best birthday. Celebrated for a week or more with friends and my kids. I was young and healthy and looked great!....oh, wait...maybe 70 was my best took me to San Francisco for a long weekend. Now that I'm 76 and health is deteriorating, it's just a number and thank you, God, for each lovely day you let me enjoy.

  10. Are the days getting shorter already? Happy Birthday! (a little late).