Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

"Who was that?" asked Rachel, as I hung up the phone yesterday.

"That was Cindy's mommy," I said.  "She wanted to know if we were meeting them at the pool today.  I told her no, because we have tennis try-outs later."

"Oh, we can't go to the pool, too?"

"Sadly, no - I'm not ambitious enough to do two major outings in one day.  Now, Cindy's mommy is different - she's going straight from the pool to a soccer tournament.  She's way more energetic than I am."

"Well," said Rachel, sympathetically, "that's because she is so much younger than you."

[awkward silence]

How my daughter sees me, apparently...
"Um, no - no, she's not," I said.  "I'm only one year older than she is."

"Really?" asked Rachel, not even attempting to hide her astonishment.  "Are you sure?  She looks so much younger."

"Yes! Yes, I'm sure," I said, just a little too loudly.

Realizing her mistake (girls are perspicacious, even at age 10), Rachel backpedaled.  "Oh, I guess it's just...just that she is so much TALLER than you.  Yeah, that's it - she's taller."

Thanks, honey - I'll take that.  At my age, any face-saving lie will do.

[Old lady image: Craig Advisors]


  1. Can't help but wonder if Cindy only has one child?

  2. Well, does SHE have 6 kids? I think not.

  3. My friend has 4 kids, and she IS way more energetic than I am. She's awesome. I just thought we looked about the same age. Apparently not.

  4. AnonymousJune 04, 2013

    TALLER, yeah...YEAH! That's the ticket. Those tall gals have WAY more energy than us short chicks.

  5. But you have a better rack.

  6. Ouch!

    Please tell Susie that I'm taller and I don't have that kind of energy, either.

  7. At least she backpedaled. Sign of respect for her mother there.

  8. Riiiiight. You've heard all that scientific research about how taller people are so much more energetic than us shorties, right?

    At least she backpedaled.

  9. One of my daughters, when around 3, looked at me wistfully and said: "I don wan a ole lady for a mommy."

    That sucked. And 3 year olds don't backpedal.

  10. My 9yo tells me I look 23. He's challenging, but charming.

  11. see, down south it works the other way: if you're tall (like me) you are always assumed to be older than any cute, petite southern belle (not me).

    move down south :-)

  12. My children were shocked the other day when I sat down on the floor. My littlest 2 that don't have the gift of subtlety said something like, "Mom! You can sit on the floor? How are you going to get back up?" I showed them. Yes, my knees popped and cracked and I may have let out a groan or two....but, by golly, I got myself up off of that floor!!!

  13. I know it's at your expense and everything, but thanks for the giggle :)

  14. I applaud her attempt to recover and spare your feelings. Good kid.