Monday, June 03, 2013

Mission Impossible

These seem scary at 3 AM.
I spent most of my day today taking care of all those administrative odds and ends - registrations, permission forms, medical forms, school forms - that have been haunting my dreams most nights.  In addition to that, I made a decent dinner, caught up on the kids' math, and made sure to get my exercise.  In other words, I was feeling pretty damn good about myself this afternoon -- that is, until a neighbor reminded me that I had completely forgotten to organize the spring gutter cleaning this year.

Okay, I told myself, no one's perfect.  I'll get to it.  I can do anything.  I'm superwoman.  LOOK at all that stuff I got done today.  LOOK how organized I am.  I'm on a roll - nothing can stop me now!

And then Larry came home from Boy Scouts this evening and informed me that, as hospitality chair, I was in charge of procuring comestibles for the Boy Scout BBQ/pool party that NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT, a party that is scheduled for the 10th.  Which, uh, just so happens to be the same day that I am hosting Bunko.

And my son's 16th birthday is the next day.

So my head pretty much exploded, whereupon Larry tried to justify male incompetence by saying, "We just have to get some hamburgers and 'brats, no big deal," and he is lucky we are too broke to afford divorce lawyers. 

So how was your day?


  1. My husband just said the fluffy tapioca pudding was "rubbery." I said, "Thanks a lot. You make it the next time." He shut up. He's eating it.

  2. Times like that are when I want to run away.

  3. When that sort of thing happens to me, I have a mini breakdown and then my husband feels sorry and gets the hot dogs and brats for me. One item off my to do list!

    If it is of any reassurance, I missed kindergarten recognition yesterday, a nice seedling has grown for two years now in our back gutter, and I haven't entered my kids' online school attendance in more than a month... but I *am* managing to blog again! Priorities, you know?

  4. My head would have exploded too - you have my sympathy.
    A pat on the back well done for all that you DID achieve today!

  5. Send the Boy Scout himself to do the comestible shopping. What he comes up with could be very interesting. Can you say "Cheez Whiz"?!

  6. AnonymousJune 04, 2013

    Seriously? I'd have backhanded him, too. That's NOT your responsibility. You'll never be a Boy Scout!

  7. Thats when you ask Larry what he thinks you needed to buy and have him go get it.
    Girl scouts is so much more organized. #8's troop is going camping this weekend in cabins at a state park. I get to go, too. Lucky me. Leader has had a packing list up on facebook messages for a week, we all signed up to bring stuff at the end of year picnic last week. The parents meeting is Wednesday night, where we can bring everything we signed up for and have her pack it.... Meeting at noon Friday, having to only pack my and Laura's clothes sounds good to me. Also someone else is driving, yeah!

  8. As Hospitality Chair I believe you have the authority to delegate the buying of said burgers and brats to whomever you deem worthy. Larry seems worthy. He'll do a fine job, I'm sure! We're starting the home building process and my husband has actually been more involved and proactive in the whole affair then I ever dreamed he'd be. I assumed I would be the one making all phone calls, appointments and arrangements. I am cautiously optimistic.