Baker's Dozen, And Then Some

Today, it is David's 16th birthday.  Susie is walking around saying, "Sweet 16 and never been kissed," even though she has NO IDEA what that means and I have NO IDEA where she heard that.

I've been so busy pretending to be an athlete and preparing the house for Bunko (last night, and yes, as a matter of fact, I DID win), that I have no gifts for David to open tomorrow morning.  Nothing.  In desperation, I promised him I'd make 72 cupcakes for his Civil Air Patrol unit, since the meeting falls on his birthday this year.

72 cupcakes.  So, that's what I will be doing today, when I'm not reminiscing about what a cute 3-year-old David was.  72 cupcakes

See you on the other side, folks...


  1. That is an impressive number of cupcakes. If it were me I'd frost a number on each one just to show exactly how many I made. Happy baking!

  2. WHEW! That's a LOTTA cupcakes.
    So, has he never been kissed? That Susie!

  3. Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco....head to which ever one is closest with your Bunko winnings and enjoy your day - no mixing bowls involved!

  4. My son would LOVE something like this.

  5. 72 cupcakes is quite impressive!

    A few birthdays ago I had nothing planned for my son, but I blamed it on him because he never told me what he wanted. I pulled something together like a magician (and dug into my security cookie jar money -- well, it wasn't really in a cookie jar but there wouldn't be any security if I told you where it really was!)

  6. 72 divided by 16 is 4 1/2. And the number 4 1/2, as we all know means ahhh U got nothin'. Good luck to you and happy birthday David.


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