Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Et Tu, June?

Picture all these squares FULL.
Has anyone else noticed how June (which USED to be my favorite month, and not just because it has MY BIRTHDAY in it) is becoming almost as over-scheduled and over-celebrated as December?  Every time I turn around, there is another end-of-school-year event that I need to

a) organize
b) bring something to
c) arrange rides for
d) all of the above

The emails!  Good Lord, the emails!

And we homeschool!  If the kids were actually IN school, I might just have to wave the white flag and hide under my bed for the month.

So we've been running the gauntlet here - David's birthday, Father's Day, Boy Scout Court of Honor BBQ and pool party (that's right, just pile it on), Civil Air Patrol awards banquet, just to name a few.  At some point, things should settle down this week, just in time for (have I mentioned this enough yet, Larry?) MY BIRTHDAY.

Am I supposed to WANT to be foxy at fifty?  Why?

50.  I'm turning 50.

I'm torn - I could plan a few fun (but inexpensive) things to do with my friends to celebrate.  OR  I could simply make guest reservations for a private room/cell this weekend at a nearby monastery (ah, the quiet!  The blessed quiet!) to give myself time to reflect on what half a century means and what my plans are for the 20 good years I might have left.  Also?  Just to get away (have I mentioned the quiet?).

Votes?  Opinions?  Ideas?  All are welcome.

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  1. Um, happy birthday? I think? I turn 40 this year. And you know what my year has been like. I'm going away by myself next month to visit a friend in Florida, and I'm hatching another plan to go away by myself, too, in August or September (my birthday month--also my anniversary month). I don't even feel guilty about it. This year, oy.

  2. Is that the monastery where they make fruitcake? If so, I visited it in college---the singing/chanting was haunting. Our pastor goes every year for a whole week of silent retreat and loves it. (The mere thought gives me the willies.)

  3. Happy Birthday. I lean towards booking a room in a hotel and ordering room service and watching pay per view but celebrating with friends is always the better option as long as they make you laugh

    Our school down here ends very early and may was so hectic. Don't the powers in charge know that the mothers who cheerfully help out, make cookies, etc for school events in September are burnt out and disgusted by everything-school by June. I just stopped responding to requests for baked goods and manpower after May 1st. If anyone asks, the dog ate my computer that month!

  4. AnonymousJune 18, 2013

    50! Wow! Hooray for you! I completely think a knitter's monastery should be where you head--for at least a week of peace and quiet!
    (It's nice to know the end of school crap is hard all around...totally thought you had an edge on that, but no)

  5. Our June wasn't too hectic. Hubby decided not to take #7 to his cub scout award ceremony and family camp out, as I was camping with the girl scouts that weekend and we took the van. ;) One girl got a severe rash, the first aid person took her home, so we had to leave early. Got home to find out she did not have poison ivy, she had Scarlet Fever/Strep. Thankfully #8 and I did not get sick.

    Hubby took the kids who had gift cards from Christmas to the game store, and decided to buy them an xbox 360, plus several games and the large hard drive for it. I guess I should take his credit card if I go away for the weekend?

  6. Happy Birthday! I vote for a quiet retreat with a big noisy welcome home return. (With cake.)

  7. I thought you were going to complain about the weather, LOL. It has been chilly for June, I think. But Happy Birthday!!

  8. Happy Birthday! I'll join you at 50 in August.

    I only have one child --totally cuts down on the school activities! Plus, her school year ended in late May.

  9. I vote for the quiet monastery, but don't do TOO much reflecting. Bring a good book!

    Happy birthday!

  10. Tomorrow's high temp is going to be 58 degrees (with 100% chance of rain) so I, too, thought you were complaining about the weather with your title.
    Last Wednesday was the final day of school here and I breathed a big sigh of relief. Now I just have to wake myself up early every morning! Easier said than done.

    I think a 50th birthday qualifies you for both the monastery quiet retreat AND some fun times with your friends. Obviously this means you might need to take a couple of weeks to fit in all of your celebrating. :) Foxy is over-rated: go for Fabulous and Fifty!

  11. First two weeks of June were always killer.

    We're at different places with our kids, so I might choose a weekend or night) in a hotel with a friends lunch and a spa treatment. Let your husband visit, but only if he's prepared to be wildly romantic.

    My plan for my 50th won't happen until next summer, I don't know what I will do on the actual day. I am definitely spending year 49 having a low-key freakout.

  12. Here's the question: What do you REALLY want to do on your birthday? How would YOU like to celebrate it?