Friday, June 14, 2013

Reverse Narcissism

Exhibit B of How We Are Our Own Worst Enemies:

These USED to be fun.
Remember the Bike-a-Thon?  Well, we rode, we saw, we kicked its a**...and at the end a nice person took a photo of my friend and I smiling at the Finish Line.  My friend posted this photo to Facebook as soon as she got home.  "Gah," I thought when I saw it.  "Why did I wear that shirt?  It makes me look even MORE busty than I already am.  I look like a freak."

In an attempt to act like a normal person (that is, someone who can stand to see a photo of her own self), I shared it to my Facebook timeline; but all day I had to restrain myself from taking it down.  "Stop being so vain," I told myself.  "What the heck is wrong with you, anyway?  Who cares if the camera hates you? Stop it."

Fast forward 5 days, to the weekly walk I take with this same friend.  At some point, she mentioned the photo.  Oh, no, I thought.  Don't talk about it.  I don't want to relive the self-loathing.

Turns out I needn't have worried.  "You know," she said, "I put it on my Wall because it got both of our faces really well.  But then, when I was looking at it, I realized that the shirt I was wearing made me look flat as a board.  I look like a boy.  It's humiliating.  I couldn't stop thinking how bad I looked."

Apparently, self-loathing - like biking - can be a team sport.

[Photo booth image: ACA Entertainment]


  1. I feel the same way about pictures of myself, and then I always think it's silly since if that's what people are seeing anyway I'm the only one who is bothered. I guess I'd rather not know.

  2. That is why I have very sort of Photoshopping-type program and app. I would never dream of putting up an unretouched photo of my on the internet EVER.

  3. AnonymousJune 15, 2013

    OH, we are always our own worst critics, aren't we?
    Way to rock the ride, though!

  4. I thought you both looked wonderful. It turns out that while we are each our own worst enemies, none of us are busy criticizing the other person... heck, we don't even notice because we are focused on our own perceived flaws.

  5. It's kind of a relief when we aren't alone in being miserable. I like the idea of it being a team sport instead of mass self-loathing.

  6. Ah. Show me someone who looks awesome after finishing a long bike ride, and I'll show you someone who needs to be tossed in a lake. Just sayin'!

  7. AnonymousJune 18, 2013

    Next time, switch shirts. (I realize this is probably NOT a suggestion that would actually work).