Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wherein I Feel Like The Ancient Mariner

I had a lovely blog post all set to go last night, about the books I received from Amazon, etc.  But my camera broke and so I took a picture of them with Larry's IPod Touch, and then I couldn't figure out how to get that picture onto the computer so I could use it on my blog.  So I went to bed.

Can you tell David's away?  Without him, Larry and I are apparently helpless babes in the big, bad technology woods.  To make things worse, a staff person from Civil Air Patrol encampment emailed me yesterday, asking me to download certain documents David had forgotten to bring with him.  I needed to fill out the forms and then scan them into the computer, so that I could email them back to her.

All of which would have been fine, except that the ONLY person who knows how to make the scanner talk to the computer happened to be away.  At Civil Air Patrol encampment, to be precise.  Surrounded by gadgets that should have made the entire process simple and efficient, I ended up taking pictures of the completed docs with my (very) dumb flip phone and texting them to the (very patient) administrator. 

Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

Maybe - just maybe - I need to stop making fun of all the nice older people who throw money at David when he shows them how to find their digital photos and sets up their printers.  We have met the technologically incompetent, and he is us.

[Geek Zone image: Denver Public Library]


  1. Hi! Just wanted to say Happy Birthday and good luck on the running. I am attempting the same (commenting on the Ipad is difficult for me. I also am a dinosaur).

    You never should've let that boy leave.

  2. I dread the day that my "David" (H-J) goes off to college and leaves me with my own incompetency.

  3. I am also ancient-marinerish about technology. I don't even know how to turn on the TV and get to netflix. The worst part of it is how the next generation (that is, my own children) mock me for my ineptitude.

  4. I actually work in IT-- part of my official job title is "programmer" and I STILL can't figure out how to unlock my external hard drive.

  5. I have my phone connected to dropbox, so every photo I take on the phone is magically uploaded to my dropbox account, and I can then download it onto the laptop. Before that, I'd email them to myself.

    I *really* want to know what books you got!!

  6. Only a somewhat technologically savvy person would have thought to text the photos. I use that quite a bit myself as the eFax I receive things on is unreliable.

  7. I'm so glad I understand most of the computer stuff. When it comes to the TV that's another story. Oh and the programmable coffee pot. I can't figure that out for anything.